These are our reports of the second advanced lab course.

AFM Atomic Force Microscopy pdf
COM Compton Effect pdf
LEED Low Energy Electron Diffraction pdf
NMR Pulsed Nuclear Magnetic Resonance pdf
PAS Magnetization and Susceptibility of a Paramagnetic Salt pdf
PES X-ray Photo-Electron Spectroscopy pdf
RAM Raman Scattering in Solids pdf
SOC Solar Cells pdf


These are our reports of the first advanced lab course.

Ba4 Optical Measurements of an OH-radical pdf
Ba6 HeNe-Laser pdf
Ba8 Holographie pdf
Ba9 Zeeman-Effect pdf
Ba10 Scanning Tunneling Microscopy pdf
Ba11 Optical Measurements of Ruby pdf

Here we wrote all reports in LaTeX. Only some Excel sheets are missing.

BEU Diffraction and Interference pdf
FAB Fabry-Perot-Etalon pdf
FHZ Franck-Hertz Experiment pdf
GES Coupled Oscillations pdf
HAL Hall Effect pdf
HAR Harmonic Oscillations pdf
IND Induction pdf
ISE Adiabatic Index pdf
PHO Photo Emission pdf
SAL Sound Waves pdf
WSK Alternating Current Circuits pdf
TRA Transistor pdf

These are our reports of the first fundamental practical course. Unfortunately we did not write all reports on the computer.
So some of them are missing. Some Excel sheets and graphs are also missing because we glued them into the paper version.

PEN Gravity Pendulum pdf
LIN Linear Motion pdf
SPW Specific heat capacity pdf
RAZ Radioactive decay pdf
GAM Gamma spectroscopy pdf
OPS Optical spectroscopy pdf
MIK Microscope pdf
KUG Falling sphere viscometer pdf
MLK Millican experiment pdf
SPL Specific Charge of the Electron pdf

As a minor module one can choose a chemical course. Several analyses have to be passed.
Here are step-by-step instructions for all the identification tasks of the different chemical compounds.

ANA1 Analysis 1 pdf
ANA2 Analysis 2 pdf
ANA3 Analysis 3 pdf

This seminar treats the behavior of non-linear systems. Our topic was the KAM theory which describes how long a system
will stay in a non-chaotic state if there is a non-linear disturbation.

Paper pdf
Presentation pdf

During our initial semesters a computer lab course is required. Beneath an oral exam, we need to write a Mathematica script as a "written exam".

Mathematica-Notebook nb
Linear measurement values txt
Exponential measurement values txt